Licensed Professional Counselor, M, Ed, LPC.

Resolve emotional issues and improve your mental health and sense of well-being, all in a supportive and safe space.

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The hardest part is making that first call. I have over 20 years of experience as a counselor. I love what I do. Call any time for an appointment. 432-248-6449. Or after hours. 325-998-9630. Many times, I hear people say they can’t afford therapy. But if you figure the costs, it saves it is money well spent. Divorce? Can cost you thousands and half of everything you own. Grief? Can take years off you your time to enjoy your life. Teen Stress? Can lead to hospitalization or even jail time. Don’t want until it’s too late. You’ve made it this far, so pick up the phone and call. 

Counseling Services available in and around odessa, TX

No matter the struggle or hardship, you are never beyond help. My years of practice have allowed me to develop strategic counseling methods, treatment plans, and coping methods to help people manage and overcome mental and emotional issues. Dealing with mental health issues can be a confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting experience that can affect everything from your day-to-day happiness to your work performance, and ultimately your interpersonal relationships. Most people go a lifetime without even realizing help is available, so don’t allow yourself to go another day without at least knowing what your options are. Remember, any investment made for yourself is a good investment.


I specialize in helping people overcome emotional trauma and substance abuse, and assist those with mental health issues. My treatment heals even the most broken families, veterans, and children going through the worst times of their lives. . Contact Me Today for your Free Consultation. Available to anyone in the state of Texas!

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(432) 248-6449

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5030 East University Suite C-103, Odessa TX, 79762

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All client information is confidential in order to assure the safety of you and your loved ones. Individual, couples, and family counseling are available either in person or secured video sessions. Contact me today to learn more.

" I know how to understand, listen and help you heal. Just call, that is the hardest part."

― Denesia McNeese LPC ―